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Offroad jeep safari in Turkey cappadocia

CVB Travel owns 20 OFF Road safari vehicles. The fleet is composed by Toyota’s Land Cruisers and Hiluxes. (however, light weight vehicles fare better in the extremely soft sand found on sand dunes) of Cappadocia.

OFF ROAD Vehicles driven on dunes are equipped with a roll cage in case of an overturn; Similar to auto-racing, experience and skill is required to maneuver the car and prevent accidents. in an everyday-use or pickup, we use to reduce the tire pressure. This is done to gain more traction by increasing the footprint of the tire and, therefore, reducing the downward pressure of the 4wd on the sand as there is a greater surface area (much like a person wearing snowshoes can walk on top of a soft surface without sinking, but a person without them cannot. See ground pressure for more). For example, tires with a recommended pressure of 35 psi would be reduced to approximately 12-14 PSI. A common modification is to fit beadlock rims, which allow tire pressure to be lowered even further, without risking tire and rim separation. it is common to meet with a pack of vehicles and a group leader before proceeding. The group leader then leads the pack through the stunts in single file. The main reason for this technique is to prevent vehicles from losing track of direction and getting lost.

In cappadocia we use Green laning (or two-tracking) is a leisure pursuit, generally suitable for any four-wheel-drive vehicle, even those without modifications or additional equipment. The term green lane refers to the fact that the routes are predominantly along unsurfaced tracks, forest tracks, or older roadways that may have fallen into disuse, or Rock crawling is a category of off-roading. Vehicles used for rock crawling are usually modified with different tires, suspension components that allow greater axle articulation, and changes in the differential gear ratio in order to obtain characteristics suitable for low speed operation for traversing obstacles. It is common for a rock crawler to have a “spotter”, who is an assistant on foot by the vehicle to provide information to the driver about the areas out of sight to the driver.

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